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Alber, Charlotte and Dusl, Laura and Ecker, Brigitte and Pohoryles-Drexel, Sabine (2021) Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse aus der begleitenden Erhebung zum Pilot w-fFORTE Innovatorinnen. Technical Report. Wien.


Daniel, Hans-Dieter and Bobokova, Jana and Mutz, Rüdiger (2021) Funding Programmes and Initiatives for Internationally Mobile Postdocs: Perceived Impacts on Individuals, Institutions and Society. An exploratory study. Edition Science Management, 10 . Lemmens, Bonn. ISBN 978-3-86856-024-4

Dobranskyte-Niskota, Agne and Graafmans, Wilco and Mester, Barbara and Irimie, Doru-Leonard and Brizzolara, Davide and Impens, Soraya and Salas, Elisabet and Ranieri, Marco and Keune, Lia and Campo Ruiz, Vanessa (2021) Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Impact Report. H2020 Results and Outlook to Horizon Europe. Technical Report. Publication Office of the Europan Union. Brüssel.


Ecker, Brigitte and Brunner, Phillip and Gross, Philipp and Hartmann, Ernst A. and Kaufmann, Peter and Kofler, Jakob and Krabel, Stefan and Philipp, Stefan and Régent, Verena and Sardadvar, Sascha and Seth, Christine and Schneider, Herwig W. and Schuch, Klaus and Staneva, Mila and Sturn, Dorothea and Tiefenthaler, Brigitte and Warta, Katharina and Wieser, Harald and Zingerle, Simon (2021) Österreichischer Forschungs- und Technologiebericht 2021. Technical Report. BMK, BMBWF, BMDW. Wien.

Ecker, Brigitte and Danler, Clemens and Gogola, Gerald and Wang, Anna and Reschen, Nikolas (2021) Evaluierung der HRSM-Ausschreibung 2013 zur Anschubfinanzierung von Kooperationen der Universitäten in Lehre und Forschung/Entwicklung und Erschließung der Künste sowie Verwaltung. Evaluierung der HRSM-Ausschreibung 2016 für Kooperationen im Bereich Lehre. Technical Report. Wien.


Geyer, Anton (2021) Konzeptevaluierung der Initiative TECXPORT. Technical Report. Wien.


Kaufmann, Peter and Kirschner, Eric and Kofler, Jakob and Marcher, Anja and Niederl, Andreas and Rhomberg, Wolfram and Schartinger, Doris (2021) Mechanismen und Formate des Wissens- und Technologietransfers in KMU mit Fokus auf Digitalisierung. Endbericht. Project Report. Wien.

Keuschnigg, Christian and Gogola, Gerald and Johs, Julian and Kritzinger, Mara and Sardadvar, Sascha (2021) Wirkung von Forschungsausgaben. Technical Report. Wien.

Kofler, Jakob and Kaufmann, Joachim and Kaufmann, Peter (2021) Wirkungsmonitoring der FFG Förderungen 2020. Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen. Technical Report. Wien.

Kofler, Jakob and Nindl, Elisabeth and Sturn, Dorothea and Wailzer, Magdalena (2021) Participatory Approaches in Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) Policy and their Potential Impact. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 47-55. ISSN 1726-6629


Lasinger, Donia and Stampfer, Michael and Steinkogler, Petra and Strassnig, Michael (2021) VRG Program Evaluation 2021. Self-Evaluation Report by the WWTF Office. Technical Report. Wien.

Leitner, Karl-Heinz and Zahradnik, Georg and Jud, Thomas (2021) Langzeitanalyse der Seedfinancing-Programmfamilie. Technical Report. AIT-ISP-Report. Wien.


Pichler, Rupert (2021) The Research Financing Act. A New Framework for Publicly Funded Research in Austria and its Impact on Evaluation. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 5-9. ISSN 1726-6629

Plumhans, Laure-Anne and Dall, Elke and Schuch, Klaus (2021) Study on Austrian actors, networks and activities in the field of science diplomacy. Bringing Austrian science diplomacy to the next step: Challenges, state of play and recommendations. Technical Report. Wien.


Schuch, Klaus (2021) Patterns of Geographical Mobility of Researchers from Six Western Balkan Countries in Regional and European Mobility Based Training Programmes. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 19-34. ISSN 1726-6629

Seus, Sarah and Bührer, Susanne (2021) How to Evaluate a Transition-Oriented Funding Programme? Lessons Learned from the Evaluation of FONA, the German Framework Programme to Promote Sustainability Research. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 10-18. ISSN 1726-6629

Streicher, Jürgen and Breitfuss-Loidl, Marija and Ploder, Michael and Buchinger, Eva (2021) Zwischenevaluierung des Förderprogramms IÖB-Toolbox. Technical Report. Wien/Graz.

Streicher, Jürgen and Wroblewski, Angela and Schuch, Klaus and Reidl, Sybille (2021) RTI Policy Note on Evaluating Social Innovations. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 56-63. ISSN 1726-6629


Wagner, Isabella and Froschauer-Neuhauser, Elisabeth and Warta, Katharina (2021) Interne Evaluierung im Österreichischen Forschungsbereich. Rückschau und Reflexion zur fteval Tagung “Verbindlichkeit in der internen Evaluierung". fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 64-72. ISSN 1726-6629

Warta, Katharina and Dudenbostel, Tobias and Calatrava Moreno, Maria del Carmen and Guadagno, Francesca and Zingerle, Simon and Skok, Sandra and Grill, Harald (2021) Evaluierung des COMET-Programms. Technical Report. Wien.

Wieser, Harald and Kaufmann, Peter and Brunner, Philipp and Haider, Wolfgang and Hochreiter, Harald and Knoll, Norbert and Koch, Lisa and Kubeczko, Klaus and Reitschuler, Gerhard and Sardadvar, Sascha and Schuch, Klaus and Steyer, Mario (2021) Umweltwirkungen von FTI-politischen Maßnahmen: Herausforderungen und Ansätze für die Evaluierungspraxis. fteval Journal for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation (52). pp. 36-46. ISSN 1726-6629

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